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An initiative harnessing market demand to support the sustainable development of small-scale fisheries

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Our vision is a world in which small-scale fishers contribute to, and benefit from, the sustainable use of fisheries resources.

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Our mission is to connect small-scale fishers to those markets which bring the greatest benefit for fishing communities and their environment. We provide the support,  tools and connections needed to allow fishing communities to develop sustainability.

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Small-scale fishers are critical in coastal communities, marine ecosystems and global food security. Community catch creates a level playing field for small-scale fishers – giving them a voice in the growing ‘sustainable’ fish and seafood markets.

Who We Are

Community Catch is an initiative specifically established to promote the prosperity of small-scale fishing communities and the sustainability of both global fish stocks and aquatic ecosystems. We do this by creating integrated, innovative pathways for market access and improvement of sustainable small-scale fisheries.

The initiative was founded by a team that has been working with small-scale fisheries for over 40 years, and fishery certifications for over 25 years. They bring a range of expertise to the initiative, including knowledge of  global seafood supply chains, fishing industry, environmental and social aspects of fishing and sustainability.

We are continually expanding our existing network of fishers and fisher’s Associations, retailers, processors, distributors, NGOs, and certification experts, many of whom have been integral in the creation of Community Catch.


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