Engaging Small-Scale Fisheries

Accessibility is central to Community Catch:

  • Access is open to all small-scale fisheries regardless of fishing gear used, target species, size or location.
  • Delivery is to be via an open-access online platform which provides clients with access to our fishery certification standard, feedback on areas of improvement and access to supporting technologies; transparency will be provided to other stakeholders.
  • Credibility and Affordability are central – we will provide relevant standards driving real change, delivered in a robust and impartial, but efficient manner.
  • We will facilitate the most cost-effective delivery of verification services.

Recognition is provided both to small-scale fishery clients demonstrably engaged in improvement and to those which meet our social and environmental standard for small-scale fisheries. Assessment is made on flexible Client and Fisher Group definitions – from a single vessel to regional and multinational fleets.